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The Characteristics of people who did Plastic Surgery

Many people who have been doing makeovers face but denied having plastic surgery. To make sure it's easy, because there are eight signs that indicate someone has plastic surgery that can hardly be denied. Some people sometimes do not want to admit that she had plastic surgery on her face like jiyeon plastic surgery. But now people can tell if someone is having plastic surgery or not. As quoted from CBSNews Dr. Anthony Youn, a cosmetic surgeon in Troy, Michigan said there are 8 Characteristics of Persons Conducting Plastic Surgery, namely:

1. Look into the ear

Try whispering and observe his ears, because there is no facial plastic surgery leaves no scars on the ear. Sometimes the transition is clearly visible skin of the ear or no thickened skin due to scars.

2. Have a face 'look bad'

If earlier about a man looks good such as jang geun suk plastic surgery, then suddenly had a face like the angry then it is possible that due to botox. Botox injections in the forehead could distort eyebrows, Dr. Youn call to face 'look bad'. This can be corrected by injecting again above the eyebrows.

3. Do not have sagging skin, although the age of 60 years

Dr. Youn said that almost everyone over the age of 60 have some sagging skin or skin to fold in the upper eyelid. So if there are people whose eyes can be closed and opened with a wide, then chances are she has had plastic surgery.

4. As there are raisins in the ear
During face lift surgery (facial toning), sometimes the surgeon releases the ear of the face and pull the skin tight and then reattach the ear leaf. If not done properly, then there will be little wrinkles like a raisin in the ear. Need surgery to fix it back.

5. Face like a swell
Although rare, but there are some people who look younger but have a swollen face as the wind filled. This condition can be caused by too much fat injected, so that must be overcome by liposuction.

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