Senin, 19 Januari 2015

breast augmentation

Destiny’s Child have beatiful personels. Kelly Rowland is one of those personels. She has pretty face and sexy body. Behind of her appearnce, she looks doing some changes on her body and face.
Her face clearly gets different appearance especially on her nose. She is like having nose jobs. It makes her nose more pointed. Beside park shin hye plastic surgery it gives her different nose’s shape. Looking narrower than before becomes the result of her rhinoplasty. By changing her nose, her face shape shows different shape. It makes her face more tight in her photo.

Actually, Kelly appears sexy because of her boobs. Its looks bigger than before. her chest doesn’t looks too big in advance in a photo of her. But, after some years, her plastic surgery changes drastically. She is like doing breast augmentation. Making her boobs different making her more confident. It indeed seems in her performance. After getting the change, in some photos, she often appears wearing opened clothes. Nevertheless, it may be the way for her to make confident. Because the performance can be the important thing for the actress. Exactly want to be a good and famous star being the first reason why do celebrities decide to undergo some ways to repair their appearance.

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