Kamis, 12 November 2015

Compare Face Kim Kardashian Now and Before Plastic Surgery

Beauty and body attractiveness reality show Keeping Up The Kardashian is already familiar in the world of international entertainment. Exotic brown skin makes many people want to be like Kanye West's wife.However, it turns out the portrait of Kim today is not the original face. Kim is known to have undergone plastic surgery to change the shape of his face.Appears picture where Kim is not so popular in 2006, his face looked much different from now. When asked for an explanation of the differences, Kim did not deny, he admitted that had undergone aesthetic surgery for the face in 2010. Because Kim avoiding wrinkles and aging in the face. In fact, he designed a rare smile to his face so as not to wrinkle.A source said that Kim has injected filler to the entire face to be like now.Mother of the North West it has done plastic surgery to the nose, cheeks and chin. Also on the eye Kim also operated in 2012 ago. "He did not like his eyes, he was avoiding the area," according to a source.Although he did not dismiss has done plastic surgery, but she is also good at 34 years to change the face with makeup. Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery known to be very astute bermakeup. No wonder she always looks perfect everyday. Well according to you where Kim is gorgeous, past or present?

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