Kamis, 12 November 2015

Facial Expression Not Natural, Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery?

Once rumored to perform breast implants, now Cameron Diaz returned rumored plastic surgery. According to a source, the players movie 'The Holiday' that perform facial surgery.

This year, Cameron entered the age of the 40th and it seems he does not want any wrinkles. However, Cameron faces looked different than usual.Cameron's facial expression looks unnatural. As reported by Radar Online, recent pictures of Cameron showed that his face had plastic surgery.Celebrity plastic surgeon's, Dr. Anthony Youn also look at the changing face of Cameron Diaz. According to Youn, faces ex-lover Justin Timbarlake was like using a mask. Cameron Diaz plastic surgery to beautify himself even though the results are not perfect."There's something unusual about Cameron Diaz. He looks weird," says Dr. Anthony Youn.Not long ago, Cameron was rumored to put breast implants, having seen its assets appear larger. A doctor of plastic surgery of California believe that if the actress Charlie's Angles it had raised her breasts through surgery."In my opinion, he has made enlargement and not just weight gain, because he looked thin as usual," said the doctor.

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